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A variety of teeth whitening products your teeth can use

Nowadays, there is not probably a person that does not know or has not heard about teeth whitening. Everybody knows the benefits of such procedures, but not everyone knows how they take place and what the available teeth whitening products are. Cosmetic dentistry offers us many teeth whitening options. It is up to each individual, depending on the health problems he or she has, to decide which one is best.


There are many teeth whitening products available for purchase over the counter, particularly if you want to do the whole procedure at home. The products can differ from something as common as toothpaste to whitening gel, whitening strips and complete systems to whiten your teeth. These are mainly the products you can purchase from a pharmacy, but before going out and buying something, you should consult your dentist. He or she is the only one qualified to tell you what would be perfect for you from all the available options you have to whiten your teeth.

One of the most common such products is the old whitening toothpaste. It is one of the first ways to obtain whiter teeth available on the market and, even though the formula has improved over the years, it is the same. Not even the application procedures have changed – all you have to do is brush your teeth after consuming food or beverages. If the toothpaste is abrasive, the use instructions will most likely be a little different, meaning you will have to use it less than the average toothpaste. This method is not recognized as a real procedure for the whitening of the teeth by cosmetic dentistry, being more like a way to keep your teeth white after another dentistry procedure. Nonetheless, it is very popular.


From the teeth whitening options, the gel bleaching method is also very popular. One can undertake this procedure at home, because the “magic” gel is one of the teeth whitening products available for purchase over the counter. The gel is the active agent. You will need to place it in a mouth tray and then place the tray over the teeth. This kind of procedure can be done in a dental office, but it is so easy that you can perform it in the comfort of your own home. Usually, when you buy a gel, you buy it along with a system for the whitening of the teeth, including the mouth tray. It is like a full cosmetic dental office at home. There are two types of trays – the rigid ones and the moldable ones. It is better to get a mouth tray that will mold after your teeth, because it will eliminate a risk factor (it will not allow the gel to leak out).

Cosmetic dentistry offers you many teeth whitening options now and it is not difficult to figure out which method fits your needs and your pocket best. However, it is not only about money, but also about doing the best to obtain the perfect results. This is the reason why any cosmetic dental procedure is better done in a specialized clinic. Doctors have special devices and materials and a lot of experience in this field, so it is only natural that their job will be of greater quality done by experts as compared to the job you would do. A partial exception to this rule is the whitening of the teeth. It is possible to do some procedures at home, because you can buy the teeth whitening products from a pharmacy and you do not need any special equipment.

However, with a procedure such as laser bleaching, one needs to require the services of a dental office. The procedure requires a high power laser, which is not for purchase in every drug store. The procedure is simple: your teeth are covered with a special gel – the same type of gel used for bleaching, but for the laser method it is more concentrated – and then the laser is pointed towards the gel. The light from the laser activates the gel that softly penetrates the enamel of the tooth and cleans it. The good thing about this method is that it does not require multiple visits to the dentist’s office. A disadvantage could be that it is a little bit pricy. The price for a treatment can go up to a couple of thousand dollars.

Apart from teeth whitening, there are other cosmetic dentistry techniques available for improving your smile – veneers and bonding. What the dentist does is place thin strips of porcelain over the stains (in the case of veneers’ use). Bonding is another procedure that covers the tooth changing its color. None of these methods is as cheap as the regular teeth whitening treatment.

Therefore, these are your teeth whitening options and now it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best, but before you make any decision, you should consult your dentist and see what he or she has to say, as he or she is the specialist.

Outshine others with teeth whitening products

A myriad of teeth whitening products are available in the market today. With so many options it is difficult to choose the best teeth whitening products for your problem. There are at home teeth whitening products and professional teeth whitening products. Some of them produce stunning results in short span of time, while others take longer time to achieve the desired result. However, the laser teeth whitening products are unparallel.

You can also find over the counter teeth whitening products, which are considered safe. Since the over the counter teeth whitening products are not custom made, they may lead to sensitivity. These take a longer span of time to remove teeth stains. In-office teeth whitening products have immediate results. With so many top teeth whitening products at your disposal you might be wondering which teeth whitening products will work for you. We help you look for the answer.
A smile is more attractive when it flashes a set of bright white teeth. People with all types of budget and discoloration can have themselves treated with the top teeth whitening products. Getting your teeth stained is not very difficult with regular doses of coffee and cigarettes. You have to consult a dental professional to determine the degree of discoloration. With professional teeth whitening products, you can make your teeth whiter up to 14 shades.
Laser teeth whitening products are considered the fastest and the best way to get rid of teeth stains. Although this is an expensive method, it is preferred by people who crave for a pearly white smile.

Laser teeth whitening products are mostly used by actors and media professionals who are constantly in the public glare. Laser teeth whitening products are used because they are painless. With prior cleaning of the teeth, the laser teeth whitening products are used. Germs and plaques are cleaned and the gel is applied. Generally a single sitting with the dental professional helps. This method also works for people with very high levels of discoloration, who need to go for greater number of sittings. Laser treatments have shown the stained teeth to be many shades whiter.
There are other professional teeth whitening products and treatments. Teeth bleaching and the use of teeth whitening gels often need the assistance of dental professionals. Bleaching gives a teeth color that is whiter than the natural color. This is done with chemicals like peroxides. Laser bleaching is also extensively used to get white teeth. A laser whitening gel called Zoom is often used to remove stains. This gel has a light that removes discolorations and stains by penetrating them. The use of this laser whitening gel does not take more than an hour. This gel is a part of the popular professional teeth whitening products that are efficient and devoid of pain.

A laser bleaching system called Brite Smile uses whitening gels. The whitening gels contain blue laser light that cleans the stains. This professional teeth whitening product is highly recommended as it is safe and effective. White strips are among the top teeth whitening products. White strips are known for their convenience. A coating of hydrogen peroxide is applied on polythene base and placed on the teeth. By using the strips for roughly half an hour everyday for two weeks, you can get bright white teeth. The use of resin molds to give clean teeth is called Bonding. Porcelain Veneers are one of the top teeth whitening products that whitens and corrects the shape of teeth.  
If you are still wondering which teeth whitening products to use, you can also consider natural teeth whitening products. These are simple and inexpensive ways of removing stains. You can wash your mouth with apple cedar vinegar mixed with baking soda and salt to get whiter teeth. You can rub your teeth with strawberries to get visibly white teeth. Among other natural teeth whitening products are the use of orange peel and bay leaves paste, equal proportions of salt and lemon juice, or baking soda. Orange peel is one of the best natural teeth whitening products.

At home teeth whitening products include teeth bleaching tray and the whitener system. The teeth bleaching tray ensures that the whitener gel sticks to your teeth. The whitener system consists of fillers and carbide peroxide. The best at home teeth whitening products include the wide collection of Colgate teeth whitening products. Colgate teeth whitening products are recommended by dental professionals. It has been approved by both the ADA and the FDA. The Colgate teeth whitening products promise 12 hours of protection and keep your teeth free from gingivitis and plaque. Along with shiny white teeth, you can also get rid of bad breadth. The range of Colgate teeth whitening products includes Colgate Total Mint Strip gel, Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Paste, Colgate Total Advanced Fresh Gel, Colgate Total Advanced Clean, Colgate Total Plus Whitening Liquid, and Colgate Total Whitening Gel.
The Colgate Total Advanced Whitening not only removes old and stubborn stains but also stops formation of new stains with the use of the technology of dual silica. Remove surface stains with Colgate Total plus Whitening liquid or the Colgate Total Whitening gel and the Colgate Total Whitening Paste. Colgate Total Advanced Clean uses the silica that is used by dentists. While staying at home, you can remove those ugly stains and smile your way to glory with the best teeth whitening products from Colgate.   
Rembrandt teeth whitening products work wonders. Rembrandt is a brand that aims at giving the customers best teeth whitening products. Rembrandt teeth whitening products not only make your teeth whiter, but also help in maintaining and protecting your pearly white smile. The Rembrandt 2 hours whitening kit is very popular among people who want whiter teeth in just a couple of hours. A visible difference is seen in teeth color with the use of Rembrandt whitening kit. Among the other Rembrandt teeth whitening products you can use the new Whitening Rinse with Fluoride. This whitening mouthwash shows gives whiter teeth with every wash. You can use it every day and protect your smile forever

6 Articles About Teeth Whitening Products

Article 1: How to choose the best teeth whitening products?
Summary: Teeth whitening business is at an all time high with people getting very conscious about their teeth color. To make the smile look the brightest, numerous people are opting for teeth whitening products. This has given companies an opportunity to strive hard and come up with the best teeth whitening products in the market.
Teeth stains can take place because of the smoking of cigarettes, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, dark kolas, and other beverages. Teeth can become yellow due to specific health ailments like chronic acidity and indigestion as well. So if you want to prolong the white color of your teeth you have to refrain from such addictions. There are a variety of teeth whitening products that promises to give you the pearly white smile that you have always longed for. It is imperative that the ingredients of the teeth whitening products are checked to ensure safety. Read the full article >>>

Article 2: Teeth whitening products and their benefits
Summary: A sparkling smile is considered as a sign of good health. It also boosts the owner’s confidence. With the regular dose of beverages, staining of teeth has becoming very common. Stained teeth can totally mar one’s personality. This makes teeth whitening a must. With increased demand for teeth whitening products, companies have launched a variety of them. Some are to be used as at home teeth whitening products while others need the aid of professional dentists.
Some of the commonly used teeth whitening products are whitening toothpastes, professional tray bleaching systems, non-moldable tray bleaching systems, brush on gels, oil and bite tray bleaching systems, whitening sprays, whitening strips, and laser teeth whitening systems. Read the full article >>>

Article 3: Healthy teeth for a healthy smile
Summary: Are you craving to have that million-dollar smile? There are a number of teeth whitening products that are available in the market today which make you have that great smile that you have always dreamt of. There are various kinds of products like laser teeth whitening products and natural teeth whitening products which offer long lasting brightness to your teeth and adds a glow to them.
Most of the products used to whiten the teeth fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry. A number of teeth white products are available which you can purchase over the counter. While some are made from natural products like herbs, leaves, and so on, the cosmetic ones are made from various chemicals and artificial ingredients. Another type of products is also available which make use of the laser technology to treat the tough stains of the teeth and provide long lasting shine. Let us discuss them in detail. Read the full article >>>

Article 4: Shine and Smile
Summary: Are you concentrating on improving over the appearance of your teeth? Want to focus on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of your oral diseases now? Then don't delay anymore and look for cosmetic dentistry for all these reasons. Obviously you would like your smile to be appreciated. So to make this you need to make your teeth whiter, straighter, and pleasing when you smile.
Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is mainly what you look for to make your smile beautiful. Most of us seek white teeth that feature an attractive smile. It is seen a child's milk teeth is usually whiter compared to the adult teeth. This is because of a person's age that makes the adult teeth yellow. With age modification in the mineral structure of the teeth occurs where it can be seen the enamel slowly becomes less bright. There are a wide teeth whitening options that the cosmetic dentistry has to offer. Depending on your health troubles, the cosmetic surgeon decides which will be the best option. Read the full article >>>

Article 5: Top Teeth Whitening Products
Summary: White teeth are symbol of not only a good oral health but also hygienic lifestyle. Don’t give your friends the wrong impression that you are not taking care of your health by ignoring your yellow stained teeth.
Why do you need teeth whitning products? The answer is simple. Even if you brush your teeth regularly the coating of plaque doesn’t disappear totally. Bit by bit it accumulates and gives your teeth a yellowish appearance. Moreover, the effects of cigarettes, alcohol, wines, betel nut, chewing tobacco, etc. can also be seen when there are brownish marks on your teeth. For all these you need to bleach your teeth at least once a week to regain and retain their pearly whiteness. Teeth whitening products that can be used at home will help you attain white teeth. Read the full article >>>

Article 6: Teeth Whitening Advice
Summary: A set of teeth that resemble pure white diamonds is everyone’s desire. But how many of us do have such enviable teeth? Many of us have teeth that are different shades of yellow and they can be a cause of embarrassment as well. There are many teeth whitening products available in the market that claim to give your teeth a sparkling white appearance but which teeth whitening products are really effective is something that you can come to know only after you collect information about each and every product, their procedure of usage and your suitability. The task is undoubtedly daunting!
It is always advisable to get an aesthetic dental job done by a qualified professional under his or her supervision and in the clinic by using the latest technology and equipment. But people use teeth whitening products instead at home to save on the cost of treatment. For many of us managing the time to visit the dentist’s chamber is next to impossible. But people should understand that home remedies can never be an alternative to treatment under professional supervision. This is because owing to lack of expertise people cannot accurately assess which teeth whitening products are of real use to them and they make the wrong choices. So ultimately they might land up with some ineffective product and complain about it. Read the full article >>>



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