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Teeth whitening aspects you should know about



           We live in a world that puts a lot of price on looks, so if you want to benefit from acknowledgement in such a world, you have to look good. It is not enough to have a pretty face or a good-looking body. Every single detail has to be perfect: from the way that you dress and you look to the manner in which you talk. It is only natural that when you talk you reveal your teeth. The smile is very important; when you are talking to someone, you need to show some white, nice looking teeth. This makes a great first impression. This impression is probably the main thing people will remember you by, so there is no need talking about its importance.


           A white smile is a very important aspect particularly when you need to win someone on your side, such as a job interviewer. Your potential employer has to be very happy with you before he hires you. Of course, this depends on the type of job you want. If you are going to work in an office and no one will ever see your face, there is no need for a bright smile. Nevertheless, if you are working in direct contact with people or if you are the image of a product, you must have the shiniest, whitest teeth, so that you should make the person talking to you feel comfortable and close to you. This same thing happens when you go on a date, a nice smile is very charming, but a bright smile is even hotter. Your sparkling teeth will blow your date away.

           Over the years, many substances accumulate on the surface of the tooth called the enamel. These substances stain the tooth and give it different colors. The accumulation of these substances is unavoidable because they come from what we use to do on a daily basis. These substances reside in food, tea, coffee, cigarettes and many other things. Therefore, you can imagine that it would be impossible not to eat or drink anything. This is where teeth whitening procedures come into play.


           Teeth whitening procedures remove all the stains from the enamel. One thing you should know about such an intervention is that it is not a lifetime procedure. It lasts for a long time, from two years to longer time intervals, but those substances will accumulate again and the stains will reappear. It is up to you how long the effects of teeth whitening will last. It depends on what you eat and drink, because soft drinks have a tendency to stain the enamel greater than water. The cigarettes are also sworn enemies of a bright smile.

           In the past, making your smile whiter could take place at any dentist’s cabinet. Nowadays, teeth whitening may form an issue of cosmetic dentistry. As you can figure, cosmetic dentistry is all about making your teeth look good, so whitening is one of the most popular things.

           There are many methods to get a whiter smile. Starting from the toothpaste method to the gel method, all the way to the laser procedure, the methods of gaining a smile that is more attractive can be faster or slower.

           The toothpaste procedure is the best known out there. It is not a complicated thing or something that is necessary to do at a cosmetic dentistry clinic. It only means that you have to brush daily or even a couple of times a day, using toothpaste. Most of the toothpastes nowadays include whiten-active components. This is a slow process and must be constant; it does not mean that if you used such toothpaste this week, you can take a break from this practice the next one. Your other practices are very important, for example if you know you drink many soft drinks and coffee and you are a dedicated smoker, you should expect no results from the toothpaste. This method is more like a maintenance procedure. It aims at keeping a clean smile.


 Another procedure is the bleaching method. This means that you will get a tray and a whitening product. You put the product, which usually is a gel, on the tray and place the tray on the tooth. You might think that the tray will not fit. This thing cannot happen because the tray is made out of a special material that you will heat and then bite into and it will mold perfectly after your own mouth pattern. One can undertake this kind of treatment at home or at a cosmetic dentistry clinic. The best way to do it is at home, because it will spare you of all those trips to the dentist’s office, then again at the office you will have someone specialized looking over you. One thing you should be looking for when buying such a gel is the composition. Some of the gels have chemical compounds that apart from whitening may hurt your gums. Another thing you should be looking for in a gel is the viscosity. Some gels are too thin and may leek out of the mouth tray. There is no telling what can happen if you swallow the gel, especially if it is full of “nurturing” chemicals. It is better to get a thicker gel that you know will stay in the mouth tray and do its thing. The tooth bleaching procedure is not a one-time job; you have to do it many times in specific time interval. Your dentist can establish the number of sessions, depending on a number of conditions, such as how sensitive your gums are or how bright you want your smile to be. You should know that you could not make your tooth like a diamond, so overuse of a gel can be harmful.

           The most sophisticated method is the laser method. One cannot perform it a home. After having applied the gel, a laser will target the gel. The gel is almost the same gel like the one used for the bleaching method, but a little bit stronger and thicker. The gums and lips will benefit from a form of protection, because the rays can be harmful. The rays of the laser activate the gel, which gently penetrates the enamel and cleanses it, without destroying it. A session usually takes about an hour and the good thing is that one session is all you need. The results will be amazing; you will notice the brightness of your smile right after you get off the dentist chair. This is the most powerful method and you will get the best and fastest results. The thing with the laser method is the high cost.

           Nevertheless, like any other procedures that involve working on a body part, the procedures involve some risks. The highest risk lies with the products used. You should not use products that are not of superior quality. Even if they are cheaper, when it comes to something that might damage your health, you should opt only for the best. For example, a gel that is not very good might lead to serious gum problem. Before using any product, you should grow acquainted with it and ask for extra information about it. The procedure risk for any of the methods described is very low. Even if you use the bleaching method at home, it is very difficult to do something wrong if the product is good, if the gel does not leak and if the mouth tray is good. Moreover, if you go to a clinic for such a program, the chance of something going wrong is minimal. The personnel there have experience and are very unlikely to harm you in any way. Another risk would be for your gums and enamel to be very sensible, so the products will harm them. Nevertheless, if this is the case, your dentist will first warn you about the possible risks and then he will suggest abandoning the idea or starting a milder program of bleaching.

           Many people complain they do not know where to get any information about obtaining a whiter and brighter smile. First, you can go to a dentist’s office and ask about the procedures. The dentist will tell you everything you want to know and will sort out all of your problems. The dentist is the best person to ask about whitening, because it is his or her area of expertise; this is the best person to answer your questions. Another thing you can do is go to a pharmacy that sells whitening products and ask the pharmacist. The pharmacist can be more or less in the position to give you any information, the best information he or she can give you is about the product. Therefore, this is not a great idea, but, as a last resort, it works. The easiest thing to do is to go online and do a search on what interests you. The World Wide Web will tell you anything you need to know and even more. The best methods, the best products, the best clinics and everything else are easy to find here. The great thing about this method of search is that you do not have to believe only one source, you can read opinions from different people and then decide.

           Looking good is very important nowadays, so why should your smile not be your strong point? The procedures we have described will make your smile irresistible and they will probably help your image. Some people look good with muscles and others do not, but it is not the same thing when it comes to a nice smile. A bright smile suits anyone; it does not matter if you are a man or woman, tall or short, fat or slim. Before thinking that it is not such an important aspect, you should realize that a single smile can charm anyone and if you sweep someone off his or her feet, you have almost won the battle, whatever the battle may be.



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