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Article 11: Why everybody talks about cosmetic dentistry



It is obvious: the topic concerning cosmetic dentistry is very popular among many people nowadays. More and more people make use of it in order to obtain the healthy bright smile of which they have always dreamt. By means of dentistry with a cosmetic end, you can improve your teeth’s appearance and at the same time, you can prevent or treat some oral disease. It has never been easier to have both healthy and stunning teeth.

The most popular treatments nowadays, as far as cosmetic dentistry is concerned, are teeth whitening (also known as bleaching) and the use of dental veneers. Teeth whitening operations remove the unattractive effects of aging, tea, coffee and tobacco. It is ideal for those who possess healthy gums and healthy un-restored teeth. Subsequently, if you belong to the aforementioned category, you can be sure that such a treatment will have the best possible results.


However, one must take into account that there are two types of dental whitening treatments, both being equally popular and effective. One can thus choose between a classical dental bleaching intervention (based on a specifically designed whitening gel) and a laser whitening operation (also called in-office bleaching). Undoubtedly, the latter takes place faster, but it is also more expensive – reaching approximately $600, if not even more. However, similar to the former, its effects do not last forever.

One should also keep in mind that teeth whitening procedures are not recommendable if the patient has sensitive teeth or some gum disease or if one has crowns, caps or tooth colored fillings, because the bleaching cannot change the color of the abovementioned materials. Furthermore, pregnant women should avoid the procedure in their turn.

Of course, there can appear some temporary side effects with respect to teeth whitening. For instance, the gums can undergo mild irritation and the teeth can become more sensitive, thus causing discomfort, if not even acute tenderness of the gums.

On the other hand, porcelain dental veneers are thin and delicate shells of tooth-colored materials .They include as materials porcelain or resin composite materials. The dentist will place the veneers on the surface of the teeth. This somehow recent treatment is more and more frequent in cosmetic dentistry, and it is in fact very effective. It can remove almost all sorts of dental stains, even the ones that were impossible to remove by means of the more regular teeth whitening procedures.

By using this kind of treatment, the cosmetic dentist has the possibility to improve the teeth’s quality and namely to change the length, width, shape or color of patient’s teeth. It is therefore ideal for crooked, misaligned, damaged uneven and irregularly shaped teeth. Even more important, in the case of such a process, there are almost no side effects. After the completion of the procedure, you can simply enjoy your new and beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry certainly has its beneficial effects, while side effects remain only minor, if you pay increased attention to what you eat or drink. If you have not done it until you have used a certain cosmetic dentistry treatment, you will have to do it afterwards. You do want to be the possessor of that incredible smile for a long while. Is that right?

Cosmetic dentistry does exactly what the name suggests: it gives you back your beautiful smile. With teeth whitening, you can have that smile brighter than ever.

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