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Cosmetic dentistry never ceases to amaze us as for every little problem it finds a solution. It does not matter if you only need a teeth whitening treatment or if you need to have a tooth replaced – everything is possible. Nevertheless, not all procedures in this domain are as popular as the whitening of teeth, even though they are just as important. This is the case of the veneers, which are sometimes preferable as a technique for whitening the teeth.


People are not very familiar with this procedure. Veneers are thin strips of material that have to apply over different flaws of the tooth. The procedure that involves them takes place in the dentist’s office. These strips of material are usually made of porcelain and they have a certain shade so they can match the color of the tooth. If they are applied as a cosmetic dentistry procedure, the teeth must look good afterwards. If they have a different color from that of the tooth, they will stick out, but they are useful for hiding different flaws of the tooth.

For example, if you have a small puncture in a tooth, you would normally get it filled. Well, since the hole is too small you cannot do anything except enlarge the hole the fill it out. However, with the thin strips about which we have talked, one can fill even the small holes. They are also useful for covering stubborn stains. After a treatment made to whiten the teeth, some stains can persist, because they are too deep in the enamel. In this case, you put the strips we were mentioning over the stain and cover it. Dentistry for cosmetic purposes has a lot to offer and can solve almost any problem through a procedure or by combining more procedures.


Many people mistake veneers for bonding, without being able to understand the difference. If they were the same, cosmetic dentistry would not have two names for the same procedure. The difference is in the material used. Bonding uses a soft plastic resin that can be shaped as the tooth, while the thin strips use a ceramic-based material, porcelain. Another difference consists in the life span of the treatments: bonding can last up to a couple of years while the small strips can have the life span of a decade. Porcelain is a lot stronger than the resin used for bonding. You will decide which procedure you want, depending on how much care you take of your teeth. Another difference is the color. Even if both of the materials imitate the color of the tooth, there is a slight difference. The porcelain can come closer to the natural color of the tooth than the resin that might stick out a little bit.

Procedures of teeth whitening are very popular within the domain of cosmetic dentistry, but, sometimes, the classic method is not enough. Dentistry made out of cosmetic reasons has invented new methods for old problems. After you undergo a treatment for the whitening of your teeth, there is a chance that not all the stains disappear, because some of the stains are very deep in the enamel. This can happen when using the gel bleaching method, because laser bleaching usually gets rid of all the stains.

Normally, only the outer layer of the enamel has stains, but sometimes, if you neglect the teeth for too long, the stains can go deeper. These stains do not come out with a common treatment for the whitening of the teeth, so these thin strips will locate over the stains to cover them. This method is preferable only when the stains are very small in diameter. It cannot be used when the stains are too wide. When the stains that will not come out are very large other procedures are preferable, such as bonding, because it is easier to cover the tooth with that resin than with small pieces of porcelain.

Even if veneers can be used as a procedure for teeth whitening and even if you can see the “miracles” of such interventions of dentistry, you should know all your options before going out to get a certain treatment. It does not matter what kind of treatment you select. Even if it is only a procedure for the whitening of the teeth, you should know all the methods available. Only then can you look for the perfect dentist offices, where an expert will perform the procedures you want. Not all specialized clinics perform every existing procedure. Some specialize in certain types, whereas others would opt for a different kind of treatments.

Teeth whitening procedures, like any other procedure in the domain, are a great idea for anyone. They are a great idea because they stand for a positive attitude when you want to take care of the health of your teeth.



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