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Article 2: Top Cosmetic Dentists and the Best Cosmetic Dentists for Everybody

  The results of dental care guarantee many benefits for your look. The latest products in dentistry allow us today to make teeth look very real and natural, so that you can look younger with 10 or 15 years. Very positive reaction of patients after such treatment is a great reward for the best cosmetic dentists.

These changes are achieved by technologies such as high-class porcelain facets. Getting porcelain facets involves removing a thin layer of teeth enamel, with unwanted aspect. In the laboratory, one applies on a foil of platinum various milky ceramics nuances in layers. After burning in the oven, the platinum spangle is removed, leading to a thin translucent sloth, with an aspect identical to that of enamel.

It can be argued that through the facets varnish really improves, because with the new structure saliva cannot penetrate, the tooth is not spotted any more, and your teeth can stay bright for 10-15 years thanks to top cosmetic dentists. Porcelain facets are finally attached to the tooth through a high-tech method of Top Cosmetic Dentists. In addition, bacteria cannot attach to this extremely tough area, and teeth remain clean and smooth when you touch them with your tongue. The entire process is very easily tolerated by the patient visiting the best cosmetic dentists.

An extended version of the facets is the ceramic crown, which covers the tooth as a whole and has the same characteristics. It means that we can be helped by top cosmetic dentists change the colour of the teeth, their form, line, and overall smile to get a change of our facial expression.



    For an amazing look, the total cost may be high enough, depending on the volume of work involved by Top Cosmetic Dentists and the clinical situation. You do not always have to repair many teeth; often the patient only needs one or two facets, in combination with whitening or other technique of the best cosmetic dentists.

Top cosmetic dentists have become, through the complexity of their work, more artists than scientists. Skill and correct appreciation of the aesthetic sense of the Top Cosmetic Dentists involved are very important. To get to what the patient wants, the best cosmetic dentists have to make a series of combinations between cosmetic techniques and procedures. The most important thing to remember is that at the beginning of such treatment good communication between the patient and the top cosmetic dentists are necessary, because they need to know in detail what the expected outcome is.

Thanks to new methods of treatment occurred in modern dentistry, there are currently a number of options to help patients get to the smile of their dreams. The main options of the current cosmetic dental treatment by Top Cosmetic Dentists are:

Teeth whitening – it is currently the most common cosmetic treatment prescribed. The whitening gel used is based on peroxide. It can whiten teeth significantly compared to their original shade. The whitening outcome resists in time, but it varies from individual to individual and it may be extended by avoiding tobacco, caffeine, red wine and dark coloured lipsticks, according to the best cosmetic dentists’ advice.

Application of physiognomy obstruction is done in the cabinet by Top Cosmetic Dentists. By adherence the best cosmetic dentists can apply a special resin which is photo polymerising, having the same shade with the remaining natural tooth in cases of tooth fractures, quarries, yellow or blackened teeth. Resin is shaped by top cosmetic dentists according to the natural morphology of the tooth, it is adapted and polished leading to an excellent aesthetic result, that only Top Cosmetic Dentists can achieve.

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