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Article 4: The Best Cosmetic Family Dentistry with Top Cosmetic Dentists

 Clinical studies have shown, over time that there was no disease of the nerve due to dental whitening products used in cosmetic family dentistry. It showed that scientific dental whitening done with professional Top Cosmetic Dentists products has a protective effect on teeth because it contains the perfect dose of fluoride salts that re-mineralize harsh dental structures.

Dental whitening will not be able to remove white, brown, or black spots due to dental cavities! They can be removed only through the classical, mechanics, helped by the mill, not by cosmetic dentistry dr procedures.


The bleachers will not be able to remove black spots due to fillings; they can be removed by cosmetic family dentistry only by replacing them with composite materials or white ceramic implants made in the colour of the tooth. In addition, whitening will not remove spots due to intoxication with fluorine or staining occurred after childhood treatment with Tetracycline. They could be hidden with just ceramic facets or ceramic crowns in full and Top Cosmetic Dentist can handle such problems.

Any other coloration of the tooth will disappear in the process of bleaching by cosmetic dentistry dr methods. Teeth’s whitening is done only after consulting a Top Cosmetic Dentists, who will determine the cause of your teeth coloration and will choose the most suitable cosmetic family dentistry method. Following this advice, you must treat the entire dental and gum affections: cavities, damage to the enamel, foregone by a professional sanitation or other cosmetic dentistry dr procedure (tartar removal, professional airflow brushing). Following filling whitening by cosmetic family dentistry methods, visible prostheses will be replaced with new ones, corresponding to new colours, obtained, because the bleachers are addressed only to natural dental structures!


    1. Toothpaste with bleaching effect can remove spots due to a recent meal that included coloured foods like spinach, green salads, red sauces, red wine, and coffee, freshly ingested, according to Top Cosmetic Dentists.

2. Whitening gels for home - you can get them only from Top Cosmetic Dentists because of teeth coloration and it will be applied for several days through cosmetic dentistry dr procedures, 4-8 hours per day, depending on the gel concentration, which can be hydrogen peroxide (10-16%) to obtain nuances accepted by the patient, but not more than two weeks.

3. Bleaching gels used in cabinets of cosmetic family dentistry have a much more rapid action (45-90 minutes) and they are all peroxides, but with a concentration of 35-36%. They will be strictly applied under the supervision of Top Cosmetic Dentists in the cosmetic dentistry dr cabinet, with gingival protection.
The effect is immediate, the patient being the beneficiary of a new "look" in record time.
4. Whitening using plasma (Zoom) is achieved with the help of gels based on hydrogen peroxide activated by light radiation with controlled intensity and duration. Actually, it is the most efficient and fast method of blanching (only 45 minutes) in the cosmetic family dentistry cabinet.

All the professional whitening methods benefit, after the process itself, from treatments meant to make them less sensitive, so that subsequent comfort is according to the cosmetic effects obtained. These treatments are done strictly with professional products that can be found only in the top cosmetic dentistry dr clinics.

Any other method of dental bleaching done outside a dentist’s recommendations, made with products purchased randomly from TV, magazines or shops, presents major risks for dental health. Therefore, please ask your doctor or dentist with confidence, the only able to recommend the most appropriate and effective method of whitening your teeth.

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