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Article 3: The success of cosmetic dentistry is in the success of your smile



Cosmetic dentistry is getting more and more popular these days, because there are many people concerned with the aspect of their teeth. A great majority of those interested in such dental operations is in fact preoccupied with teeth whitening and wants to find the ideal whitening procedure.

Those who resort to dental whitening usually do so because they want their teeth to have a healthy aspect, and this is why the number of procedures used in this particular field of dentistry for bleaching purposes is constantly on the increase. Particularly popular, though equally expensive, is laser bleaching. However, there are numerous disadvantages to these methods, and the most important are drawbacks related to health issues that can result after having undergone the corresponding whitening treatment.


It is only natural that you should consider resorting to the whitening formulae of cosmetic dentistry. However, you should be aware that most procedures used with such a goal, be they traditional or modern, might cause damage. Irrespective of the whitening method you choose, if you have a concern with teeth whitening, you should know that it is likely to affect your teeth or gums. Therefore, you should always weigh your options when you try to decide which procedure available for dental whitening purposes you should select.

There are cases in which resorting to dental whitening methods is not recommendable at all. Such cases concern pregnant women or those who are lactating, because the substances used in this type of procedures could harm the baby by getting into either the placenta, or the mother's milk. Children and teenagers should also refrain from using any whitening procedure, because the substances involved could damage their developing teeth, and particularly their teeth nerves.

Other cases in which it is not worthwhile to make use of teeth whitening concern people with sensitive teeth or gums. In such cases, the substances used in this type of “aesthetic” dentistry can damage teeth nerves by triggering allergies, irritations and even bleeding.

Despite commonly held beliefs, that anyone can use safely the traditional methods of whitening, there are cases in which at-home treatments should not take place under any circumstances. For example, people with cavities, exposed tooth nerves, gum diseases and other such teeth-related problems should not resort to any method of bleaching their teeth.

The substances they may decide to use could seep into cavities or below gums and cause even greater troubles, such as infections. A smaller problem, encountered by people with fillings and tooth veneers, is uneven teeth whitening caused by the fact that the substances used for teeth bleaching can only partially affect tooth fillings.

Another drawback of using cosmetic dentistry in order to whiten your teeth is that the procedures you may choose might not always be as effective as you expect. Many people take for granted the commercials for whitening toothpastes or chewing gums, which ‘guarantee’ amazing results in a very short time.

However, those who decide to use such products often realize their teeth do not grow resplendently white in a few weeks. Using such a whitening procedure yields disappointing results in most cases, especially with smokers and people whose teeth have an advanced level of discoloration. With heavily dark teeth, the methods for teeth whitening used in cosmetic dentistry can even have no effect whatsoever.

The success of using bleaching methods by people who want to have whiter teeth depends on numerous factors, mostly related to health issues, age, medical condition or lifestyle. The products available in cosmetic dentistry and commonly chosen for dental bleaching purposes (whitening toothpastes, strips, gels or chewing gums) are often not as effective as their producers claim them to be. Moreover, the substances they contain can cause significant damage to tooth enamel, to gums and nerves, mainly to people who have dental problems. This is why teeth whitening procedures are only advisable under close professional supervision or with proper advice from specialists in cosmetic dentistry.

If you think that your teeth are not white enough, do not resort to methods of whitening by yourself, but look for professional support. Specialists in cosmetic dentistry can guide you into finding the appropriate method to whiten your teeth.

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