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Article 7: The most appealing smile with teeth whitening procedures



The most attractive thing to a person, no matter if this one is a man or a woman, is his or her smile. If you have a nice, brightly sparkling and white smile, everything turns better for you to what concerns the relationships with the people around you (friends, workmates, clients and even family), even if you were not fortunate to have a perfect body otherwise.

Yet how can we acquire a perfectly white smile nowadays when everybody has grown so addicted to coffee, tea, cola and smoking? The unmistakable reality is that, as we grow older, our teeth tend to grow more and more discolored. Discoloration is present through stains, inside the tooth, caused by exposure to too much fluoride as a child, when the teeth were developing, or also by taking tetracycline antibiotics when too young. In other words, there are many causes of damages to the tooth enamel and to the tooth overall. Such damages do not affect only the appearance of the tooth, but also the health of the oral cavity.


After you have taken made the decision of enhancing your smile by whitening your teeth, our advice is to make an appointment to the dentist. The field that takes care of your agreeable exterior of your smile and teeth appears nowadays under the label of cosmetic dentistry. Indeed, it may sound fancy, but in fact, it does not require advanced levels of education, training or practice, particularly if you consider teeth whitening products that are obtainable over the counter.

Actually, the majority of dentists perform it, you just have to communicate, let your dentist know what it is that you do not like about your smile and what you expect from him or her to do to fix such a situation. With a close analysis, cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Thanks to technology which stepped in to make things easier and affordable, teeth whitening has become one of the simplest procedures in cosmetic dentistry, compared to other techniques that require a greater degree of sophistication – tooth veneers, porcelains, teeth gaps, and bonding. The most popular in-office whitening procedure is laser bleaching and it consists in the application of concentrated peroxide gel-like onto your teeth. After the application of the gel, the dentist will direct a special light (usually Argon) onto your teeth. The light reacts with the peroxide to complete the teeth whitening method.

You can also choose an at-home technique of teeth whitening, from among of the following: brush-on whitening polishing formulas, using whitening strips or using mouth-trays with bleaching gel. These home procedures can give good results, but you have to pay increased attention to the instructions.

A note of warning is necessary here. If you do not focus specifically, with enhanced care, on the application of various cosmetic dentistry treatments at home, you risk damaging your tooth enamel and thus necessitate further fixing procedures, which are in most probability more complicated. Therefore, if you want to avoid such tricky situations or if you are not sure that you have understood completely the instructions imprinted on the label of the over-the-counter available products for dental whitening, make an appointment with your dentist. He or she will know best how to handle any cosmetic dental procedures, with maximum positive results.

Professional assistance with cosmetic dentistry procedures is preferable in any circumstances. However, if you trust yourself with at-home techniques, a series of  teeth whitening products are also available in over-the-counter conditions.

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