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How to improve your teeth color



Teeth color is not a matter to be taken lightly, because it can show that there is something wrong with your teeth and, therefore, with your health. Apart from the obvious health problems caused by the daily habits (smoking or drinking), your image can be affected in a negative manner. The color of teeth changes and your smile loses its charm or its persuasive abilities. Under these circumstances, one may take a few actions. The first one is to quit doing the things that affect the teeth (which has a very low probability rate of happening) and the second one is to get a treatment for teeth whitening purposes.


The tooth is actually a piece of bone covered with a protective outer layer called ‘enamel’. The enamel is very strong and its purpose is to protect the tooth and shield it from any outside factors that might damage it. Sometimes, the enamel gets stained and punctured. This enamel gives the color of teeth, so once the enamel gets stained, the color changes. Usually, the white turns into a pale yellow. The color of teeth is more important than most people think. Once the tooth does not have its natural white color, it is obvious that something is wrong. Discoloration is a sign that the tooth is not healthy and that the way of life one leads is not adequate. Cosmetic dentistry comes to people’s aid. Teeth whitening can restore the natural color of the tooth, whereas other procedures, such as veneers and bonding, can fill out the holes in the tooth or repair crookedness.


Even if people do not realize this, everyday practices are very difficult for their teeth. Everything they eat or drink can have an impact on their teeth. Chemical factors as well as physical factors leave their trace on the smile. The number of enemies that change the color of teeth is so big that it is almost impossible to avoid having our teeth altered. It is after all impossible not to eat or drink anything. Some teeth get stained faster. Other people benefit from an attractive smile for a longer time, because it takes longer before their teeth color changes. This depends on many things, particularly on how strong the teeth are, on the genetic inheritance and on the frequency of action of the factors that have an impact on the color of teeth.

We can improve the strength of our teeth with cosmetic dentistry, but it is very difficult and it costs a lot of money. People want to keep things simple and not undergo different unnecessary dental treatments for cosmetic purposes. There are chances to do this, but they are not effortless. What we can do is work on the factors that have an impact on the teeth color and try to eliminate them, or at least reduce their number. Some types of food have negative consequences on the teeth and have the tendency to darken their color. Therefore, you should avoid heavily colored food, such as blueberries. The biggest problem is with the beverages. We drink soft drinks that damage and stain the teeth. Red wine is another enemy of the enamel and so is coffee. Smokers have a real problem because the tobacco (no matter if you chew or smoke it) stains the teeth very fast and damages the gums. Dentistry for cosmetic purposes can help a lot, but it is very important to be careful yourself with what affects the teeth.

Our society favors those who have an appealing image. Some say this is wrong because it is discriminatory, but this is not entirely true. It would be wrong to think that looks are everything. Nevertheless, a healthy and natural body set an example to those who are negligent with their lives and bodies. Health is very difficult to maintain nowadays because of our lifestyle. Dentistry for cosmetic purposes is one of the valid options people who want to improve themselves have. Cosmetic dentistry is just a means to keep your teeth healthy and good looking. All of the procedures solve the problems you might have with your teeth, from huge cavities to teeth whitening. One must not ignore harmful modifications of the teeth. Going to a specialized dental office (for cosmetic reasons) is not for those who decide to go only because they are in pain, but for those who see that their teeth color has changed or because they have other image issues a visit to the doctor’s could adjust.

During a procedure of teeth whitening, all the stains and everything else that resides on the enamel is cleaned away. By whitening your teeth, you can minimize the chances of getting cavities. However, this does not mean you should get such a whitening treatment every day. It is enough to have one every year. You get to win twice: stay healthy and, of course, change the color of your teeth from an ugly yellow to a nice shiny white.

The coloration of the tooth is like a security system that alerts us that there is something wrong with your teeth and that you need to go to a cosmetic dentistry clinic. After using a treatment to whiten your teeth, you can rest at ease knowing you have done everything possible to protect your healthy, beautiful smile.



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