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Article 5: Top Teeth Whitening Products

White teeth are symbol of not only a good oral health but also hygienic lifestyle. Don’t give your friends the wrong impression that you are not taking care of your health by ignoring your yellow stained teeth.

Why do you need teeth whitning products? The answer is simple. Even if you brush your teeth regularly the coating of plaque doesn’t disappear totally. Bit by bit it accumulates and gives your teeth a yellowish appearance. Moreover, the effects of cigarettes, alcohol, wines, betel nut, chewing tobacco, etc. can also be seen when there are brownish marks on your teeth. For all these you need to bleach your teeth at least once a week to regain and retain their pearly whiteness. Teeth whitening products that can be used at home will help you attain white teeth.


When you are choosing your teeth whitening products it is very important to select the correct product which will not affect your health. So, the first important task is to get the right teeth whitening products. After this you can get your teeth whitning products at home for a quicker and easier method to whiten or bleach your teeth.

Top Teeth Whitening Products

There are a number of teeth whitening products in the market from where you need to choose the one that suits you the most. Generally, the top teeth whitening products available for teeth whitening at home includes:




Peroxide gel system: To apply on the teeth tray for application on the teeth.

  • Carbamide peroxide Bluelight Gel System: To act on the teeth after gel has been applied.
  • Carbamide peroxide gel refills: To make your gel tube ready to use for next application.
  • Mouth Trays: To clean your teeth with warm water before proceeding with the blue light gel.
  • Demineralization Gel: To be used after the completion of the cleaning process with warm water and before the application of blue light gel.

So, you can pick up these top teeth whitening products from your nearest medical shop and start whitening your teeth immediately to avoid any further shading of your teeth.

Using Teeth Whitening Products at Home

If you are planning to giving your teeth the makeover in your home then you need to be very sure of the process first. Read the instructions carefully before you start the process, and if you think that you are unable to understand the process properly then go to your dentist and ask for his help.

Before using the thermo trays on your teeth practice without dipping it in hot water. You should know the exact way to suck out the warm water which you have to do in order the clean your teeth.

You should also remember to rub off any extra gel on your gums when you are applying the blue gel on your teeth with the help of the mouth tray for avoiding any irritation on your gums in the future. When you are still on with the bleaching process and have not applied the blue light yet, you should apply the re-mineralization gel once a week after the bleaching process is over.

In case you are suffering from any dental or oral health problems you should visit your dentist immediately. In such a case teeth whitning products are not recommended. 

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