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Article 2: Teeth whitening products and their benefit

A sparkling smile is considered as a sign of good health. It also boosts the owner’s confidence. With the regular dose of beverages, staining of teeth has becoming very common. Stained teeth can totally mar one’s personality. This makes teeth whitening a must. With increased demand for teeth whitening products, companies have launched a variety of them. Some are to be used as at home teeth whitening products while others need the aid of professional dentists.


Some of the commonly used teeth whitening products are whitening toothpastes, professional tray bleaching systems, non-moldable tray bleaching systems, brush on gels, oil and bite tray bleaching systems, whitening sprays, whitening strips, and laser teeth whitening systems.

Even if you are using at home teeth whitening products, make sure you consult the dentist first. You cannot always judge by yourself the most appropriate teeth whitening product for your kind of teeth stain and structure. The teeth structure differs with each one of us. You should try to pick teeth whitening products that are custom-made.

It is necessary to conduct a quality check on the at home teeth whitening products you are purchasing. You can look for the American Dental Association (ADA) seal that ensures safety. These days, you can opt for at home teeth whitening products and get satisfactory results. The home teeth whitening kits, containing whitening trays, whitening gels, and strips and brush on whitening are dominating the market.


    You can also use household items to take off the strain on your teeth. However, these work on mild stains only. The use of powered bay leaves, orange peel, and lemon juice with salt are popular methods. For more stubborn stains, you have to consult a dental professional.

A visit to a dental professional can burn a hole in your pocket. You can treat your teeth stain with the simple and easy to use at home teeth whitening products. Using bleaching kits at home is convenient and effective. In this case the bleaching solution is poured in a mouth tray and fitted into the denture. The tray is taken off after two hours. In these two hours the peroxide of the bleach works on the layer of stain without affecting the precious enamel. 

Teeth whitening toothpastes are used to remove stains and retain the natural color of the teeth. Among the others, the Colgate teeth whitening products are considered the best. A wide range of Colgate teeth whitening products are available. The Colgate Simply White Advanced Whitening Toothpaste is highly recommended by dental professionals. Among the Colgate Teeth whitening products you can also avail Total Whitening Paste, Total Whitening Gel, Total Advanced Clean, Total Advanced fresh gel, and Total Plus Whitening Liquid. The Colgate Total Mint Striped gel is also very effective. Some of the Colgate teeth whitening products like Simply White use carbide peroxide as a bleach.

Of the at home teeth whitening products, the whitening stripes are also helpful. For 30 minutes, you have to place the whitening strip on your teeth. These too contain peroxides that help in achieving the desired bright white teeth.

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