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Article 4: Shine and Smile

Are you concentrating on improving over the appearance of your teeth? Want to focus on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of your oral diseases now? Then don't delay anymore and look for cosmetic dentistry for all these reasons. Obviously you would like your smile to be appreciated. So to make this you need to make your teeth whiter, straighter, and pleasing when you smile


Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is mainly what you look for to make your smile beautiful. Most of us seek white teeth that feature an attractive smile. It is seen a child's milk teeth is usually whiter compared to the adult teeth. This is because of a person's age that makes the adult teeth yellow. With age modification in the mineral structure of the teeth occurs where it can be seen the enamel slowly becomes less bright. There are a wide teeth whitening options that the cosmetic dentistry has to offer. Depending on your health troubles, the cosmetic surgeon decides which will be the best option.

Depending on the condition of your teeth the teeth whitening products are to be chosen. While some are made from natural ingredients, there are also other cosmetic and artificial that you can apply. The following are some products that you can use


   Over the Counter Teeth Whitening products: There are some products which you can buy over the counter from shops and markets as well as drug stores. Using these over the counter teeth whitening products are hassle-free and easy to follow. Some of them are also low priced. Let us discuss various over the counter products in detail:

  • Teeth whitening strips- Whitening strips help make your teeth whiten through a process instead of using a rigid bleaching tray. The peroxide-based chemistry used in the strip adds shine to the teeth. Whitening strips offer a means by which the teeth whitening process can be performed without the use of a rigid bleaching tray.
  • Tray-based teeth bleaching systems- Tray whitening systems are used in several over the counter teeth whitening products. The stock-bleaching tray in the products consist of a carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gelwhich when used for some days or weeks can achieve the whitening effect.
  • Teeth whitening toothpastes- The toothpastes are the mostly sold over the counter teeth whitening products. The ingredients in the toothpastes add shine to your teeth and make it healthier. 

Rembrandt teeth whitening products: Rembrandt is a prominent brand in the list of teeth whitening products. Rembrandt teeth whitening products comprise Intense whitening toothpastes, 2-hour whitening kit, and so on. The products manufactured by Rembrandt consists of ingredients which removes stains, restores enamels, and help make your teeth shiner, whiter, as well as healthier. There are several other Rembrandt teeth whitening products that are quite popular. One such product is New Rembrandt Whitening Rinse With Fluoride. In these types of Rembrandt teeth whitening products, the rinse is mixed with the Fluoride which leads to a long lasting effect.

So avail the latest and best whitening products and stand above the rest with a shinier and healthy teeth.

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