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Orthodontics – a first step when it comes to straight teeth



Many people do not know to what the term “orthodontics” refers. It is a branch of cosmetic dentistry, but it is a little bit different from the other procedures in this domain. To understand what it is, you must know that not all people are born with normally positioned teeth and, because of their misplacement, the jaws might not bite correctly. This is a big issue, because other problems appear, besides the unpleasant aspect of your smile. A first encountered difficulty is the impossibility to undergo other procedures of dentistry for cosmetic purposes, such as teeth whitening. As you may have already realized, orthodontics refers to the measures that can reposition teeth and jaws for future dentistry procedures.


Many problems that can affect your teeth and jaws, but you should act only after an orthodontist has examined you and offered you recommendations concerning the possibility to benefit from adequate repositioning of your teeth. The most common problems that can emerge are the over bite, the under bite, spacing and crowding. The doctor will tell you about the over bite only when this case is encountered, i.e. if the upper jaw comes down too far in front of the lower jaw. The under bite refers to the case when the upper jaw comes down behind the lower jaw (“buck teeth”). If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned problems, you have to know that you can correct your smile through teeth repositioning. Spacing and crowding are problems of the teeth as well and they appear either when the teeth are too close together or when the space between them is too big.


Technological advances give any person with teeth problems the possibility to have his or her health restored. The degree of difficulty for a dentistry procedure depends on how major the problem is. Usually, orthodontics takes care of the first part of the problem (the teeth have to be healthy to look good) and then, through other cosmetic procedures, the teeth can look white and perfect. Nevertheless, first, to be sure whether you should consider a teeth-repositioning treatment or not, you must go to a specialized clinic and let the doctor examine your teeth.

To begin with, they will have to reposition the jaws and teeth. This is possible with the aid of special pieces of equipment that apply gentle pressure on the muscles and teeth. Usually, it is preferable to undergo this procedure during childhood. If you wait too long, you can risk a disqualification as a patient for such an intervention. The dentist’s tools can range from something as simple as a removable retainer is to something as sophisticated as a headgear is. The equipment is different from case to case, depending on how serious the problem is. After the teeth and jaws have been repositioned, the cosmetic part of dentistry can come into play to finish the job. This is the point where you can start making your teeth look good, which means that from here cosmetic dentistry comes into play. You can get crowns, veneers or undergo a whitening treatment or any other cosmetic procedure you might need for your teeth to look wonderful.

The problem with teeth whitening is that one cannot undertake it if he or she suffers from tooth decay. Many problems have to be fixed before being able to undergo a whitening procedure. In the case of crowded teeth, for example, some teeth might be positioned over others and, if you get a whitening treatment, parts of the teeth that were underneath the other teeth will not be bleached. Therefore, if in the future you go to an orthodontist’s office and take care of your crowded teeth, your smile will not be in two colors. Another reason why you cannot get a whitening treatment for your teeth before solving other mouth issues is that the procedure might not have the desired results. In case you want to try an at-home procedure of whitening, such the gel method, the results might be disastrous. The mouth tray includes a malleable material, but the teeth have to have a close to normal shape. If you try this procedure of teeth whitening with crooked teeth, the gel might leak out of the tray – that is an undesired result!

Major changes need an expert’s advice, so go to an orthodontist’s office and see what he or she has to say about your condition! If he or she suggests a teeth-repositioning approach, you should not waste any additional time, because if you do, you might have serious problems in the future. People with jaw and teeth problems will lose their teeth faster as compared to the risk that other people face in this direction. You should not rush into any other cosmetic dentistry procedures before your teeth are in perfect shape and healthy (even if you only want a simple teeth whitening treatment). Health comes first and, after that, looks.

Orthodontics is very important because even a small thing as a crooked tooth can degenerate into serious trouble. It is better to be safe than sorry and our pieces of advice will keep you on the safe side. As health is very important, you should keep your body as fit as you can and visit the dentist as often as possible.



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