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Article 1: Laser Teeth Bleaching in-Office

    Laser teeth bleaching in-office stands for professional teeth whitening methods as against treatments, which use porcelain restoration. Laser teeth bleaching, commonly known as Lazer bleaching lasts longer but may cost slightly higher than the traditional whitening methods. So, get professional help to restore the normal color of your teeth without wasting any more time!

Laser Teeth bleaching in-office: Procedure

The procedure of Lazer bleaching is quick and simple.

  • At first the teeth will have to be cleaned of any superficial dirt.
  • Gum line has to be cleansed from plaque or hidden food particles.
  • A gel is applied to the teeth which has a peroxide base. It is this gel that makes maximum amount of teeth whitening possible for laser teeth bleaching in-office.
  • For the gel to be activated a laser light is used which works with the gel to make your teeth as white as possible and bring back the lost shine
  • If the laser teeth bleach is done for normal shades then one sitting might be enough but if your teeth has been stained by tetracycline or other stains like nicotine, then you will need more than one in-office process to whiten your teeth completely.



   By laser teeth bleaching in-office procedure your teeth may be whitened by as much as 10 shades. With the help of the gel used in this process you can get back the shine that your smile has missed for a long time. This gel contains a formula that ensures optimum working of the laser ray to attain teeth whitening to the maximum level. This procedure is advised for those who want to see the shine for a longer duration of time. Needless to say, porcelain whitening does not give such a long lasting effect.

Laser Teeth bleaching in-office: Effects

When you go for any kind of cosmetic treatment you need to be extra careful to prevent any adverse effects of the procedure. Similarly in this case, when you opt for lazer bleaching of your teeth, you need to keep the pros and cons in mind so that you can take good care of your whitened teeth.
The most important advantage of lazer bleaching your teeth is that even if you have sensitive teeth you can easily go for this process. In this process you have to attend a single sitting for whitening your teeth which avoids repeated application of the whitening element on your gums. Laser teeth bleaching in-office is a common form of teeth whitening opted by people with sensitive teeth. The laser exposure is very short and does not harm the teeth or the gum.
You just need to keep your jaw closed for 2 hours and for that your dentist will give you a jaw-support to keep your jaws from paining. You might feel a burning sensation on your gums if the gel leaks to your gums during the process. But there is nothing to worry as it is a self-healing process and you will not feel the hurt after a few days. It is best for your teeth if you avoid laser teeth bleach at home and go for laser teeth bleaching in office with professional help.

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