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Article 2: Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Cost or the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Prices

    How can I correct the Teeth with Powerful Colour Caused by Tetracycline at Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Tetracycline is an antibiotic used to treat numerous diseases. One of the major disadvantages of this antibiotic is that it leads to a disgraceful coloration of the teeth if used in children. These teeth acquire a gray or dark brown shade. Such teeth could not react properly to the treatment of teeth whitening even though the cosmetic dentistry cost is high. Faceting these teeth, using composite materials or ceramic facets, can be a miraculous remedy for patients who have never thought that something can be done for their teeth even at high cosmetic dentistry prices.

Aesthetics in Dentistry

Aesthetics dentistry includes a series of dental treatments in different areas (dental prosthetics, orthodontics, dental implant, oral surgery) and aims to improve the appearance of the patients’ denture resulting from here the term of interdisciplinary therapy most of the times associated with a specific Cosmetic Dentistry Cost).

Thus, one can use more techniques, such as teeth whitening, teeth faceting (with composite materials or ceramic dental facets), dental remodelling, various orthodontic treatment, or application of dental implants at each one at a different cosmetic dentistry cost.

Dental Whitening

It is used in order to obtain lighter nuances in the case of whitening stained or coloured teeth for various reasons: devitalized teeth, teeth with intrinsic coloration (tetracycline administration in childhood), etc. at lower or higher cosmetic dentistry prices.


    Today there are varieties of ways through which patients can bleach their teeth and the Cosmetic Dentistry Cost sometimes is not a problem. However, there are recommended methods by which there is a check from the dental practitioners to avoid the appearance of complications (patchy discoloration, impairment of surrounding gum) regardless the cosmetic dentistry cost.

There are two methods established by which one can achieve a professional teeth whitening: the first of them involves manufacturing gutters (plastic devices that are perfectly applied on the dental arch) where it will be applied by the patient, the evening before bedtime , a certain amount of a gel containing the active substance peroxide, which practically induces teeth whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry prices are set according to the materials used. The patient will sleep with these gutters, on teeth for 5-7 days, depending on the outcome, which must be obtained at an accessible Cosmetic Dentistry Cost. All this time, the patient will make regular visits to the dentist taking into consideration the cosmetic dentistry cost.

The second method is faster and more comfortable for the patient. In this case, whitening is done in the dental office, applying on the patient's teeth some gel containing hydrogen peroxide that is activated by light source with plasma. The whole process of bleaching is fragmented into three sessions, each with duration of 20 minutes and cosmetic dentistry prices will match the amount of work and the cost of materials.

Faceting (ceramic dental facets)

When we talk about faceting, actually we talk of front teeth, which may be faceted using composite materials, or with the help of ceramic facets. In any case, the tooth to be faceted requires previous preparation, preparation that consists in removal by sanding a layer of enamel on its external face. In the case of composite materials, faceting is done in one session.

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