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Article 8: Consider cosmetic dentistry and conquer everyone with your bright smile


A single smile, sometimes, can say more than a thousand words. Nevertheless, in order to keep our teeth beautiful and shiny, we often need to resort to cosmetic dentistry. In a manner similar to what generates the smile of a supermodel, well paid to appear on the cover of a magazine, an everyday smile does not come cheap either. Indeed, people – the common people and the wealthier personalities as well – spend a lot of money today on dental techniques that have cosmetic ends.


Dentistry for cosmetic purposes offers various solutions for those with teeth problems. Tooth veneers, for example, are thin pieces of porcelain or plastic cemented, which cover the imperfections of the front teeth. Such a procedure can help with modifying the color and the overall appearance of your teeth.

Today, the most popular teeth whitening technique offered by the modern cosmetic dentistry is laser bleaching (power bleaching). The process does not take long to yield the expected results. It makes dental bleaching possible by using argon light that chemically reacts with the peroxide gel applied over the teeth. This method of teeth whitening performed by cosmetic dentistry reaches costs that range between $500 and $1000 per tooth.

Luckily, a solution exists, which makes such cosmetic procedures more affordable for those with less money in their pocket. Home teeth whitening options such as the widely accessible whitening toothpaste are easy to obtain and to use.


This particular toothpaste contains gentle polishing (or chemical) agents that are effective in achieving the bleaching effect by removing the stains and lightening the color of the tooth by one shade.

Whitening strips are another cheaper option for the whitening of the teeth in at-home conditions. They are very thin, almost invisible strips coated with peroxide-based whitening gel. Such a treatment for the bleaching of teeth, which extends for a time interval of maximum two weeks, will reach costs varying between $10 and $55.

In addition, for the same whitening purpose, you can use bleaching gels peroxide-based, which you can apply onto the teeth with a brush. You will spend about $15 for the whitening of your teeth in this manner. This entire range of home cosmetic dentistry solutions are less effective than the techniques used by a professional dentist. Over-the-counter methods can produce the expected results for teeth whitening by only one or two shades, while professional cosmetic dentistry can whiten your teeth by three to seven or eight shades.

There are also negative aspects to teeth whitening, no matter who the one who performs the operation is. The most common side effects that might appear after the whitening of the teeth are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, issues that are worth taking into consideration if you have to choose between shiny but weak teeth that cosmetic dental procedures offer and strong, healthy teeth but less shiny. You have to make your own risk assessment and decide whether you truly want or need a cosmetic intervention onto your teeth.

Consider your priorities. You can have the brightest smile with at-home or in-office cosmetic dentistry procedures. Teeth whitening methods are the most popular amongst people who resort to cosmetic dental fixing.

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