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Article 2: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or just American Cosmetic Dentistry as Smile Never Lies

 Now more than ever, we are willing to allocate resources to find the balance between our image, spirituality and the choices we make in life. Anyone knows that if you want to cheat in the process of aging, you need to come to a plastic surgeon from the American academy of cosmetic dentistry. The American cosmetic dentistry expert should be included in the process of rejuvenation, because you cannot increase benefits of different proceedings against aging without an analysis of a smile.

Smile can express Your Age
Cosmetic dental procedures in the American academy of cosmetic dentistry, like the great paintings and sculptures, are as follows: the stone is the body or oils, the face, and the bone structure are the frame, and the centre of the painting is your smile. Against these aspects, there is the time, which leaves traces on the body and teeth. If American cosmetic dentistry doctors do not restore what was lost, they would not be able to achieve a natural look.


The Mouth is the Centre of Your Smile

Faceting is the newest method for the use of art and science of dental cosmetics in the American academy of cosmetic dentistry. The biggest stars of Hollywood have understood that a brighter smile through faceting can change the attitude and communication. We can frequently hear statements like:
• I want to have my teeth more visible than gums!
• We no longer want bluish gums around dental crowns!
• Can I have straight teeth without orthodontic appliance?
• No more gaps between teeth

When to apply
• When we want to fix the anaesthetic appearance of the teeth
• If the teeth are broken, or poorly aligned
• If the teeth are stained, colourful
• In the case of gapped teeth
• To change bulky shutters in the composite

The technical achievement of the American cosmetic dentistry is not traumatizing, as teeth are polished only at the level of the enamel, so much less than in the case of dental crowns, and their fixing is performed with special cement.



• Porcelain facets create a natural appearance of the teeth, because of the absence of metal, providing translucence very similar to that of natural teeth.
• Keeping teeth vitality
• The porcelain surface is very smooth and impenetrable, which is why faceted teeth will never change colour.
• Low performance time

The facets through American cosmetic dentistry are designed to match the patient's face, his or her personality and, finally, to give him or her back the smile of which perhaps he or she never dreamed!

Feeder Tooth Filling

 Since childhood, education should play a decisive role in maintaining oral health of the child. It is good that mothers offer their children little sweets and refined foods, to reduce fermentation substrate. Special attention of the American academy of cosmetic dentistry experts should be paid to feeder cavity, which occurs in the case of children who are allowed to drink sweet liquids out of the  feeder, especially at night, when mothers do not want to hear them crying.

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