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Article 1: American Cosmetic Dentistry Facts in any Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

 Substances used in therapies in a Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry weaken, in time the resistance of the teeth. Toothpaste with whitening effect does not change the natural colour of the teeth, but it removes stains on the enamel. The kit with solutions for home treatment involves a long and short-term effects treatment, as compared with that achieved in the Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry.


Before choosing one of these forms to change the colour of the teeth, you need the academy of cosmetic dentistry doctor’s agreement because he or she may determine which the most effective and the gentlest whitening method are in the Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Even American academy of cosmetic dentistry methods are prohibited to sensitive people.

Dentists from American cosmetic dentistry clinics warn on the negative effects of these treatments on teeth from increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods to destruction of enamel, up to cracking the surface of the teeth, and the occurrence of cavities.

As a result, people who already have a sensitivity of the teeth are advised by dentists from the academy of cosmetic dentistry not to resort to such cosmetic methods. Even those toothpastes with whitening effect, existing now on the market are harmful to the teeth.


    They have aesthetic role and function based on a substance that whitens teeth rapidly. In time, the teeth whiten, but they also become sensitive.

Treatments with temporary effects from the American academy of cosmetic dentistry

Whitening methods in the Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry do not represent a necessity for teeth, but they are rather ways to look more beautiful with dramatic effects upon your teeth.

Everything they do is to treat temporarily yellow denture or stains, by affecting the natural pigment of the tooth. Nevertheless, after a while, the pigments returns, and the treatment must be restarted in an academy of cosmetic dentistry centre.

In the meantime, the tooth sensitivity increases, because in the bleaching process part of the hard composition of the enamel is removed in American cosmetic dentistry clinics.

Estimated Costs in the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Ceramic facets – the most expensive
Whitening at home

Professional whitening


Natural White Teeth

Modern treatments performed by American academy of cosmetic dentistry doctors with negative effects on teeth can be avoided if you pay attention to careful hygiene. Currently, statistics in many countries show that people consume 52 g of toothpaste a year that is a tube, while the normal average is a tube a month, say American cosmetic dentistry doctors.

According to doctors from the American academy of cosmetic dentistry, a "recipe" for whiter teeth lies in washing teeth three times a day, changing the toothbrush once in three months, the use of a normal toothbrush for a more efficient cleaning, and tartar removal every six months. In addition, food plays an important role.

You should know which the foods are that grind the teeth and clean them. First, they are raw vegetables and rough foods such as toast. Sweets should not be consumed, in general, especially soft ones, because they stick to denture and destroy the enamel.
People have always fought against the effect of aging to show and to feel younger. This conception made them more aware of the connection between their lifestyle and the physical presence, say American cosmetic dentistry experts.

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