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Repairing imperfections of the teeth through bonding



Your teeth are a very important asset, so it is your duty to keep them in perfect shape. Cosmetic dentistry offers you all the means to have the perfect teeth and the white bright smile about which you have always dreamed. Teeth whitening can give you white, sparkly teeth, but your smile will not look that good if your teeth are crooked. This is where bonding comes into play.


If you have a chipped or broken tooth, you can repair it through this procedure. Bonding is a procedure specific to the cosmetic part of dentistry, one of the simplest out there. The risks of this procedure are virtually zero. What the dentist does is apply a layer of material (usually a resin that resembles the color of the tooth) on the tooth that has problems, and shapes it to resemble the outline of the tooth.

Before the resin is applied, the tooth is covered with a special solution that makes the surface a little bit rougher so the resin will stick to it. After the resin hardens, the dentist polishes it making the tooth look like new. When the tooth is in perfect shape, the dentist uses a special light lamp to harden the material.

In this manner, it will be strong enough for you to bite and chew without breaking the new added material. This is the basic procedure to restore the


surface of the tooth, but the procedure does not stop there. Through it, it is possible to repair even broken or chipped teeth. The procedure is similar; the only difference is that a chunk of resin will replace the missing part of the tooth. After that, the procedure is the same, the same polishing and the same lamp. Another good thing about this procedure is that it only requires one trip to a specialized dentistry clinic and everything will change into a good situation.

Things that a few years ago were considered impossible or at least difficult to achieve are now possible through cosmetic dentistry. Instead of having to cover your tooth with certain metals and having it stick out and look rather appalling, now, with a procedure such as bonding, you can have natural looking teeth. Such a procedure can even replace tooth caps, if the problem is not that bad and if the cavity is not too big. Dentistry for cosmetic purposes has made everything very simple for you to have natural and healthy teeth, even if you had certain problems in the past.

It is probably clear to people what the advantages of the above-described procedure are and what it can do. Even though it is a partial procedure of teeth whitening, it is still valid for smokers. It is a known fact that people who smoke suffer of a teeth-yellowing problem. In most of the cases, not all the teeth will undergo such a problem. This will happen particularly to the ones in the front. If they have other problems apart from spots and stains – structure ones – the procedure we have described is appropriate and can have a double purpose. The first one is to make the teeth stronger and the second is to whiten the teeth.

Many people do not understand that there is a difference between bonding and veneers. Even if both are dentistry procedures for cosmetic purposes and even if one can consider them teeth whitening methods that repair imperfections of the tooth, at the same time, there is a difference between them. Veneers are small pieces of material applied on the holes in the tooth or on stains that will not disappear after a treatment of teeth whitening. The difference consists in materials. The life span of the treatments is different. Veneers can last you a lifetime or at list ten years, but a tooth repaired through the procedure we have described can break in a year, depending on your habits.

Cosmetic dentistry and science have once again proven their necessity. In a society underlining the importance of good looks, cosmetic dentistry can solve one of the remaining problems of man: tooth decay and alteration.

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