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Article2: Available teeth whitening procedures


Society is permanently changing and so are fashion icons, trends and styles. However, a perfect, bright smile will always benefit from positive appreciation. Moreover, it will always be in fashion. Unfortunately, not everyone has pearl white teeth. The best solution to get that healthy, successful smile is cosmetic dentistry. The goal is to change the appearance of the oral cavity and the procedures implied by such operations do the trick for everyone.


The main treatments that cosmetic dentistry uses are teeth whitening and the application of dental veneers. Teeth whitening procedures make ideal treatment for patients with perfectly healthy teeth who are willing to achieve that great attractive smile. There are three main options for such operations. First, you can achieve the desired whitened results by using whitening toothpastes found on market. Another such procedure uses bleaching gels or strips. Finally, the top line of whitening treatments is laser bleaching.

Throughout the course of the procedures, the dentist will use a product that contains peroxide gels. Prior to beginning the treatment, the dentist will isolate the patient’s gum areas. The whitening operation continues with the application of the peroxide gel on teeth. The laser will increase the whitening effect. Laser bleaching is the most expensive option. Nevertheless, it does yield the most amazing results.


Another dental whitening method is the use of porcelain veneers. Veneers are ultra thin custom-made laminates that go fixed directly to the teeth in order to modify their appearance, shape and color. As compared against other procedures, dental veneers are permanent so one cannot have them removed. They have a long-lasting color, which makes them popular in dental whitening treatments.

The extent to which teeth can undergo whitening through a cosmetic dentistry convenient formula depends on a few factors. The main factors that influence the whitening result are the natural color of teeth and the manner in which the patient responds to the treatment. Another factor is in the eating habits of the patient. Those who do not smoke or drink coffee benefit from a more persistent white result offered by the corresponding operations.

On the other hand, teeth whitening procedures have a few side effects. The most common is increased tooth sensitivity. However, it is possible to avoid such a negative response to these particular cosmetic dentistry measures by choosing a professional dentist specialized in this exact field, by using special toothpaste and by avoiding dehydration.

Most whitening operations are expensive due to the high quality of the products and to the involved technology. The materials and training of the expert contribute to the high price of the dental cosmetic treatments. However, price is not an issue when people want bright smiles. Cosmetic dentistry offers benefits that erase doubts: teeth whitening treatments are pain free and the amazing results are worth the expenses.

Irrespective of the whitening formula that you choose to undertake, whether it is laser bleaching, whitening toothpastes or dental veneers, the most important thing is that your smile associates with your health, personality, sexuality and appearance. People who have great, bright smiles are more likely to succeed in their career and social life and be happier because they have the freedom to smile and enjoy themselves whenever they feel like it. Such positive aspects are possible due to the comfortable treatments.

Those who have never dared to put on a big, happy smile because of the color of their teeth have more solutions at hand, offered by cosmetic dentistry. Choose one of the teeth whitening procedures and show that smile to the world. They will definitely revel in it.

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