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Article5: Achieving the perfect smile with cosmetic dentistry treatments


Smiling is essential to human contact. A Hollywood smile is the first thing men and women notice about one another. Unfortunately, nature did not bless us all with shining white teeth. On the other hand, nowadays, one can alleviate such a situation with the help of cosmetic dentistry.


People do not understand cosmetic dentistry very well. This particular cosmetic field is different from general dentistry. It focuses on modifying the appearance of a patient’s oral cavity and adjacent construction. Through cosmetic dental treatments, it is possible to modify the appearance of the mouth to match the patient’s concept of what is visually agreeable. 

The most commonly described cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. The bleaching of one’s teeth is a cosmetic manner of lightening the color of teeth and of removing stains from the surface of the dental “equipment.” The majority of dentists perform dental whitening. The advantages of such an operation are many and they include an enhanced appearance to a special event that you have to attend to, a younger look, but also significantly improved self-esteem.


Almost anyone whose permanent teeth have turned into something that one cannot display is likely to benefit from teeth whitening. Unfortunately, teeth whitening treatments are not advisable in certain circumstances, such as the cases of pregnant women, children under 16 or people with peroxide allergy and gum disease. In addition, dental bleaching does not have permanent effects; it depends on what food you eat, or what you drink (coffee, cola and wine cause stains on the enamel surface).

People frequently ask whether teeth whiteners (the chemical products used for the bleaching of the teeth) will bring damage to the surface of tooth enamel. Studies have shown that teeth whitening products using 10% car-amine peroxide triggered little to no effect on the mineral content of a tooth’s enamel surface.

Another cosmetic dental procedure is the use of tooth veneers. Veneers are ultra thin custom-made laminates fixing straight on the teeth. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is an option for the closing of gaps or for the concealing of discolored teeth, but it will not retort favorably to whitening processes.

One of the newest cosmetic dental procedures is laser whitening of teeth, also called laser bleaching. With this particular technique, the dentist applies a translucent bleaching gel onto the teeth and then uses a laser light to activate the crystal in the gel. In this manner, the gel penetrates the enamel and makes the teeth brighter.

One word of caution: the majority of cosmetic dental procedures do not enter the coverage of your dental insurance, unless they take place specifically for the fixing of a cavity-affected tooth. The cost of some cosmetic techniques can easily go as high as $1000 per tooth. The expenses are definitely overwhelming, but then again affordability has not yet been one of the strong points of cosmetic dentistry. Nevertheless, the results remain amazing. Many people will ignore the costs and pay anything for a beautiful, winning smile.

If you feel insecure about your smile, go to your dentist and discuss the possibility of using cosmetic dentistry to make your teeth shine. Consider the teeth whitening options and choose the one that suits you best.

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