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Article 10: Lengthen the appearance of your teeth by sculpting your gums.

   The best thing that you will discover About cosmetic dentistry is that it improves the beauty and health of your smile. A smile can enliven your everyday life, whether you are a professional or you are at home. Unlike the plastic surgery, you will come to know About cosmetic dentistry that no major operation is involved in it. Each time the results are instantaneous and dramatic. Various procedures and aspects ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ will be unraveled here.


The common cosmetic dentistry procedures are bridges, cosmetic dentistry implants, dentures, teeth whitening, veneers, bonding and composite resins, crowns and cosmetic dentistry gums reshaping and grafts. The cosmetic dentistry gums reshaping is also referred to as gingival contouring. Many a time the teeth are smaller in comparison to the gum tissue. This situation can lead to a ‘gummy smile’ which can appear quite unpleasant. Another common cosmetic gum problem is unhealthy gums which can be a result of periodontal disease.   

In cosmetic dentistry gum reshaping procedure a local anesthetic is applied to the gums. With the help of a laser light, the excess of gum tissue is trimmed so as to lift the gum line and expose more tooth material. This procedure is usually performed only on the front teeth which are prominent during the patients smile. The process of cosmetic dentistry gums contouring is uncomplicated and the healing is quick. This is because the laser also helps in sealing the blood vessels while minimizing the blood loss. The cosmetic dentistry gum contouring process is also called gingival contouring.


   Sometimes additional techniques are employed along with cosmetic dentistry gum contouring. For example, it might be essential to reduce the bone present in front of the tooth roots so as to prevent any re-growth of the gum tissue. Lifting the bone can create a more even gum line. The teeth also appear longer. The cosmetic dentistry gum contouring procedure that involves reshaping of the gum line as well as the bone is called ‘Crown Lifting’.

The field About cosmetic dentistry encompassing gum line entails a procedure called gum grafts. In some cases there is very less gum tissue present over the teeth. This often occurs due to periodontal diseases when the area lying between the gum and the teeth become infected. In such cases the gums recede exposing more of teeth. This exposure may cause tooth sensitivity to temperature and certain types of food. Moreover there is a danger of tooth roots getting exposed to decay. This kind of gum recession needs immediate cosmetic dentistry gums contouring procedure.

There are individuals who have one or more teeth missing. This may be a result of decay or injury. Such cases are taken care of in cosmetic dentistry implants. The first step in the cosmetic dentistry implants procedure is to surgically place a mini titanium anchor post in your jaw bone. This step is necessary in order to shield the remaining teeth and also retain proper facial structure. Once healed, a custom made restoration is fixed on the anchor post. The cosmetic dentistry implants are an ideal solution for missing tooth.  

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