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Article 7: Dental cosmetic dentistry

  A perfect smile is the ultimate expression of a beautiful face. Smile justifies every aspect “About cosmetic dentistry”. How can a dental cosmetic dentistry help you? The science of cosmetic dentistry is continuously improving. Dentists are developing new techniques and processes to improve your facial looks. People who need dental cosmetic dentistry have to identify the problem that is affecting them. Below a few areas will be discussed that can be rectified with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist and will also educate you “About cosmetic dentistry”.


The teeth become yellow because their natural white layer wears off due to years of gnawing and chomping. If you are affected by teeth that are yellow and discolored, then in cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening can help you restoring the set of pearly white teeth. In cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening procedures a bleaching gel is used. This gel is usually hydrogen or peroxide that disintegrates into oxygen molecules. The oxygen molecules travel to the miniscule pores of the enamel and break the stain.

The beauty of teeth whitening in dental cosmetic dentistry lies in the fact that as the stain breaks more natural light runs through the teeth making them whiter. The kind of stains that react best to the cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening procedure are the ones that are yellow to light brown. Darker stains are challenging to bleach because here the stain is entrenched in the tooth. These types of stains may need a longer treatment of three to six months.


   The cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening can also be performed by using laser whitening techniques. This is done with the help of dental diode lasers which utilize a certain wavelength between 798 and 815 nm. This wavelength lies near the infrared waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. Some warmth is generated during the process which may cause concern. However, only a few teeth are exposed, at a given time to laser for about 15 seconds only. Each tooth gets a total exposure to laser for merely about 2-3 minutes.  

In dental cosmetic dentistry anything related to laser costs much more than the normal procedures as this requires a lot of precision and experience. But the results are always more than satisfying. Even though cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening are quite a success, the effect does not last longer. This is due to continuous eating and beverage drinking. You have to come back to reinforce the effect after a gap of three or years.  

If you wish to get information “About cosmetic dentistry”; then internet is the best place to start. The fundamentals of cosmetic dentistry are not taught in the dental schools. If the dentists want to know “About cosmetic dentistry” then they have to pursue a considerable amount of additional training after graduation. Thus it is advisable to approach a cosmetic dentist who has gained both experience and extensive training over a period of few years. There are diverse dental treatments. Only a reliable dentist can advice you about the one that is beneficial to you.

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