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Article 5: Cosmetic dental surgery extends to treating children also.

    There are several factors which you have to think ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ before you delve in it. The field ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ relates to improving the semblance of your mouth by using dental procedures. Due to various positive developments in the cosmetic dentistry field many journalists, models and actors are flashing those pearly white teeth on the big screen. But before you jump on the bandwagon, you must consider whether it is necessary for you to alter the appearance of your teeth. A dentist will be able to diagnose and tell you if you would really require a dental surgery or any other dental procedure. Dental procedures are not only the domain of adults, even children can benefit from it.


With an ever growing addiction to chocolates, almost 80% of the children these days become a victim of tooth decay by the time they reach their teens. In such cases pediatric cosmetic dentistry is the field to refer to and handle the problem. According to the American Dental Association, the pediatric dentistry is “an age-defined specialty that provides primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.”

The pediatric cosmetic dentistry is a branch of pediatric dentistry which is practiced by more specialized and experienced dentists. It focuses on the dental care and mouth appearance of the children under 16 years old. In pediatric cosmetic dentistry the dental specialist has completed an additional 2 or 3 years of specialty training apart from the regular four years training at dental school.

A pediatric dentist can tell various procedures ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ to the children and anxious parents. He will be able to teach children the significance of oral hygiene and also how to take care of the teeth. He will also guide and tell about the corrective measures in case the teeth are not aligned properly or have decayed due to cavities. In case the teeth are not aligned properly then cosmetic dentistry braces can be utilized.


   The concept of cosmetic dentistry braces had been around since 1940’s but they have gained popularity in the recent times. The cosmetic dentistry braces or the invisible braces are not only comfortable, they are barely discernible. These “aligners” are made of plastic and can be custom made to fit in your teeth. The cosmetic dentistry braces are a series of trays. Rather than the traditional wires and the brackets of the conventional dental braces, here, the plastic trays exert pressure on the teeth to move them to the desirable position.

There are many advantages of cosmetic dentistry braces over the traditional dental braces, especially in the pediatric cosmetic dentistry. This is because children are able to brush and floss on all four sides of a tooth. These braces prevent cavity on a long term basis and they can also diminish risk of gum diseases. They solve the problem of bad bite or Malocclusion, which can generate various oral problems leading to overall health problems.

The invisible braces explain a lot ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ benefits. Modern developments have integrated the comfort level and the appearance factor in cosmetic dentistry.

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