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Article 4: Benefits of the teeth whitening procedure.

    If you want to know ‘About cosmetic dentistry’, then a visit to a dental clinic is an absolutely must. The dentist will explain you all the pros and cons of the cosmetic dentistry. Explanation ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ in concise is treating the damage caused by tooth decay or by gum disease by utilizing a wide array of technological procedures available. The dentist will help you in replacing the tooth lost or that has been damaged due to injury to the mouth. There is a thin difference between corrective dentistry and the cosmetic dentistry.


Common corrective and cosmetic dentistry procedures include Silver Amalgam filling, crowns, teeth whitening, Bridges and Implants. The procedure of cosmetic dentistry whitening will be elaborated here. Sometimes a tooth or teeth become discolored. There may be several factors associated to this consequence. With the advent of age, the mineral exposure causes the teeth to become yellow. The discoloration can be brought about the food products, tobacco, medications or bacterial agents.

To deal with this problem the dentist all around the globe have developed several techniques about cosmetic dentistry for retrenching discoloration so as to give their patients brighter smile. The cosmetic dentistry whitening is a process for lightening the color of your teeth. These techniques include bleaching (chemical whitening), mild acid whitening (microabrasion), abrasive tooth whitening and laser tooth whitening.  

If you talk about cosmetic dentistry, then cosmetic dentistry whitening is not a solution to all types of discoloration. For example discoloring caused due to cavities or infection may require dental implants. In order to achieve best results it is important that you discuss the issue with the dentist who will be able to guide you to the best course of treatment. The science ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ also involves those restorative options which are not appropriate for whitening procedures.

The various cosmetic dentistry whitening procedures are:   


    In-office chemical whitening: Also referred to as bleaching, this is the most common type of cosmetic dentistry whitening process. In this the dentist applies some gel to your teeth. The teeth are then exposed to white light. In case of laser tooth whitening, the teeth are exposed to laser. This procedure causes a reaction within and as a consequence the gel penetrates the enamel of the teeth. It fights with the stains that have been embedded over there and dispels them completely. Chemical bleaching is a very effective procedure and can be applied twice in the dental clinics.

  • At home Chemical whitening: The field ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ is not limited to the in-office or dental clinic treatments. You can opt for home teeth whitening procedures and take advantage about cosmetic dentistry. Here the dentist fits a tray to your bite and provides you with a gel. You can use this gel at home over a period of few weeks with the help of tray.
  • Abrasive tooth whitening: The concept ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ also involves the action of certain tooth whitening toothpastes. They act on the surface of the enamel and are slightly abrasive on the teeth.
  • Microabrasion: In this process about cosmetic dentistry the stains are scrubbed with the toothpaste; but a mild acid is applied before. This acid makes the process of abrasion more effective.

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