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Article 3: A smile is forever.

    People look towards cosmetic dentistry for a variety of reasons. The fact ‘About cosmetic dentistry’ is that it is like a face lift which reverses your aging process and you start looking much younger. The contemporary dentistry provides numerous solutions to people who want to beautify their smile. The options vary from cosmetic laser dentistry to cosmetic dentistry bonding. Both the options have been tried and tested and have always yielded fine results.

When you talk ‘About cosmetic dentistry’, laser dentistry happens to be the preferred procedure. What is the requirement of cosmetic laser dentistry? The conventional procedures of dentistry heavily rely on the dental drill. This process results in a mishmash of heat and vibration which can prove to be extremely stressful to the tooth and the patient. On the contrary the cosmetic laser dentistry utilizes a concentrated beam of light energy rather than the heat and vibration technology to achieve the desired consequences.  A laser efficaciously dispels and shapes the hard and soft tissue in the oral cavity. At the same time it sterilizes the area and cauterizes the blood vessels.


The cosmetic laser dentistry offers more benefits as against the traditional process of dental drilling. The cumulative effect is an enhancement of the patient’s comfort and also the precision of the doctor’s work. The dental laser can diminish and at times totally eliminate the usage of anesthetics. It controls the swelling that is the usual aftermath of the procedure. There is reduced post-operative pain and the prophylactic period is less. One of the finest advantages of cosmetic laser dentistry is that it allows the doctor to act cautiously to remove only that area of the soft and hard tissue which is affected. This helps in preserving the tooth’s original anatomical entirety.

Laser is a versatile dental tool as it is effective in cosmetic and general dentistry procedures. The cosmetic laser dentistry can be used in decay removal, wisdom tooth removal, root canal treatment, gum recontouring, periodontal therapy, hardening of dental materials, removal of defective veneers, teeth whitening and Laser IPR (Interproximal Reduction).


    The procedure of cosmetic dentistry bonding is perhaps the most common procedure in cosmetic dentistry. It basically relates to the makeover of the teeth. The cosmetic dentistry bonding can be used to refurbish a cracked and chipped tooth. An injury may have caused your tooth to crack or chip. But cosmetic dentistry bonding will help you in repairing the tooth to its original or at times better shape. The procedure can be applied to cover any gap or break between the teeth. You tooth can get a total makeover since it can modify you tooth’s shape, treat discoloration and also fill the cavities in a decayed tooth.

In certain cases of cavity filling, the dentists may advise their patients to stop smoking prior and after filling. The doctors may do dental bonding under anesthesia. There are many fallacies ‘About cosmetic dentistry’. However these can be dispelled if you talk to your dentists in detail. The dentist will explain you the benefits ‘About cosmetic dentistry’.  


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